• Personal lawyer for his wife city pays for?

  • The new EC City Council wants Norton Network to return
    A major snow storm approaches and city council votes for TV over Rock Salt

Council to vote on Television Coverage vs. Rock Salt

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 2/4/2016 – The new majority of voters on East Cleveland City Council hold their first committee meeting just to approve Mr. William Fambrough hold holds the city cable access channel hostage, ransom payment of $20 thousand dollars a year along with the past due payment from Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

The three misguided council people, Joei Graham Ward 4, Thomas Wheeler Ward 2 and Brandon King city-wide feel that they need to have the cable access channel to brainwash residents with their message.
In the past no one was allowed to put anything on the “Norton Network” besides the mayor who controlled all access. Norton would not even allow the Shaw High School Band or any of the athletic teams to air on HIS cable channel.

Grand Theft
Shaw High School has their new (STEM LAB) along with video they use  to capture students and with state of the art production equipment and EC students would be happy to record council meetings FREE.


William Fambrough calling himself “Legacy Communications” along with his sidekick and former Library Board Member Devin Branch both say that there is no one in EC that has video equipment.   (Both Fambrough and Branch were kicked off the EC Library board)http://44112news.com/Theft/Other%20Missing%20Stuff.pdf


If Graham, King and Wheeler had any sense they would be talking to the East Cleveland Schools and getting coverage of all evens using students looking to use this new equipment at no charge.


Instead the goofy trio looks to spend money that EC need to buy rock salt for the roads, Insurance for the vehicles and pot hole patching material.  The two dissenting votes coming from Barbara Thomas and Nathaniel Martin don’t count as those two council people want to have rock salt and city streets patched over cable access channel but their dissenting votes don’t count.

Is William Fambrough a thief holding EC Cable Access hostage, see for yourself by checking out the equipment he says is lost and tally up the amount he owes the city already:

Other Missing Stuff_Page_1


EC City Council Meeting for 2/4/2016 for William Fambrough


Mayor’s Wife not in jail and getting royal treatment

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FOR FILES - Judge David T. Matia presides over the  trial of Joseph Wilson II Tuesday, July 15, 2008 in  courtroom 17D at the Cuyahoga County Court House in Cleveland. (Peggy Turbett / The Plain Dealer)
East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Cleveland Media is unable to cover the story concerning Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s wife Shalmon Norton who allegedly stole money from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) Principals account in 2013.
Even though the school district gave Mrs. Norton a whole year to pay back the money misappropriated she did not and CMSD filed criminal charges and did not object to Mrs. Norton being placed in the Diversion program. All she had to do was pay back the money and they would drop the charges. 
Thanks to her hubby she was not placed in jail very long and he even used the EC Law Director Willa Hemmons to be her lawyer and the people of EC would pay all expenses.
Now the local news media refuses to handle this story despite it now going global on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To the all the people asking about why this has not been on other media please understand that between Gary Norton Jr. and the CMSD CEO asking that this story not be covered it goes quiet.

If you are upset over this call your favorite local media outlet and ask them why: WOIO CBS TV 19/43 (216) 367-7300 / WKYC NBC TV 3 (216) 344-3300 / WJW FOX TV 8 (216) 432-4240 / WEWS ABS TV 5 (216) 999-4800. Ask them why this is not being covered or why Mrs. Norton is not in jail like everyone else who violates their chance to have a case dropped.

Pass The Rock Salt (Reality check for Brandon King)

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Listening to City-Wide Councilman Brandon King speak EC has TONS of rock salt for the roads and streets. In reality you can see that there is barely enough rock salt to handle the hills like Noble, Taylor and Superior Roads and Avenues. Our loader is on borrowed time and needs tires and major engine repair work so loading this tiny amount of salt is being done by shovel in hand (Old School)

Now King, Thomas Wheeler and Joei Graham feel that the priority of the city is not with rock salt, patching up chuck and pot holes or even buying insurance for the city vehicles. The trio plan on putting their faces on the cable access channel being held hostage by William Fambrough who has a cable run directly to his house.


Even Joei Graham who claims to represent Ward Four is not interested in the problems the EC Police have with any snow on Noble Road.

This small amount of rock salt will only last one big winter blast and side streets can just forget about seeing salt. By the way it takes two EC Police Cars to shut down each of the streets coming down from the hills until we can locate someone to get in a salt truck, load and come rescue the people.


The Norton’s bamboozle media, CMSD schools, Matia courtroom

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is the bamboozle king with the ability to mislead media and residents even making people feel he is telling the truth. (Meet Mrs. Norton – Click)


Now with Mrs. Shalom Norton his wife in trouble with the law and facing possible felony charge of theft after she stole money from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District December 2013 coming to the front of the court docket after she refused twice to pay back the money, her husband and Mayor of East Cleveland is performing his best bamboozling.


CMSD CEO Eric Gordon


In July 2015 Cleveland Metropolitan School District via the Principal Union filed felony theft charges against Mrs. Norton. Because this formerly honorable principal did not have any criminal charges on file she, Shalom Norton was offered the prosecutor Diversion Program.


All Mrs. Norton had to do was to pay back the money she stole and she would have no charges filed. She did agree to do so but later changed her mind and thought her husband could make it all go away. Unfortunately for the attention starved wife her husband could not save her in court without forcing the city prosecutor to violate several ethical and judicial standards.


Judge David T. Matia

Judge David T. Matia decided The Norton’s had enough time to pay the bill and since no one knew about this case it should have been handled. An arrest warrant was drafted however Mayor Norton asked if she could turn herself in and face the judge.

Representing her is the East Cleveland Ohio Law Director Willa Hemmes who stepped out of her comfort zone as ordered by her boss and Mayor of East Cleveland Gary Norton Jr. Thanks to a plea to Judge Matia the Norton’s have time to get a loan or find the money to close the case again.

In the mean time Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon is being asked why Mrs. Norton has received such good treatment from a district that normally fires people who get in trouble with the law.


Shalom Norton has been reduced from being a principal and is doing the job of a reading teacher but should her fellow teachers, students and parent learn that she stole money from the district it could be a major problem for the struggling Cleveland school district.

Team Fullerton

Find Shalom Norton

Local media outlets have been bamboozled not to cover this story and with parents and students of Cleveland along with the school CEO not being told what is going on it becomes a problem only for East Cleveland residents upset over the Law Director and Mayors actions.


Can East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. have the people of East Cleveland to pay for his personal legal expenses or should he and his wife have found and paid for a criminal defense lawyer?  Some residents think that the Nortons should have set-up a GoFundMe.com account to raise leagal funds rather than make the people of East Clevelands pay the bills.


East Cleveland Ohio City Council Members refuse to bring up the subject also making the bamboozle efforts go along smooth. Perhaps the City of East Cleveland should also pay the money that Shalom Norton stole from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District since Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has so many people under his spell.


Are you  going to let the Norton’s get away with this?

If you are not under the Norton spell and are upset over the Law Director Willa Hemmes the Ohio Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel  would like to hear what you think about this matter.

If you call the referral office they will be happy to mail you out a complaint form. Phone: 614.461.0256 or Toll Free: 800.589.5256  You can also download and send the form back.  

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Norton’s Guys and Gal in City Council meeting today 5:30 PM 2/4/2016

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East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – With the news that Law Director Willa Hemmons may have violated OHIO RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT by representing Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s wife Shalom Norton in Cuyahoga County Criminal Court during business hours and on the clock for East Cleveland.

Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Or call: (614) 461-0256  / (800) 589-5256

Prepared to lose her law license for Gary Norton Jr.

Prepared to lose her law license for Gary Norton Jr.

As Law Director she could have informed her boss, Gary Norton Jr. that representing his wife could cost her law license to be suspended and that the Norton’s should find a lawyer but she took the chance.


Hopefully Hemmons will be the acting Mayor designee at city council for a 5:30 PM meeting of three supporters, Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King and Joei Graham where they will move the issue of paying William Fambrough of Legacy Communication on the agenda.  Fambrough used to charge the city $72 thousand dollars a year to film two council meetings a month and any propaganda Mayor Norton wanted to subject the people to.


“The Norton Network” is being held hostage by William Fambrough and East Cleveland Cable because the input wire has been run to the basement of Fambrough’s home.  Now the keeper of the cable access channel keys has dropped his fee to a mere $20 thousand dollars and promises to put these three council people on TV if they approve this waste of time action.

Contracts & Property Mtg-2-04-16_Page_1

Keep in mind that East Cleveland has no rock salt, insurance on it’s vehicles and still has not paid for what they did as two young men were killed by city vehicles.  Instead the trio skate of council people will meet and talk about paying the cable terrorist (Fambrough) his ransom to release the people of East Cleveland’s cable access channel.


On the matter of Willa Hemmons

People can contact the Ohio Supreme Court, Office of Professional Responsibility to conduct an investigation by filling out the form and returning it back to the court.   To the media watching this story unfold this could be a good chance to catch Willa Hemmons live and ask her why she decided to represent Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s wife should she show up for this insane meeting today.

New Rules of the Game

Contracts & Property Mtg-2-04-16_Page_2

This is so old that it has everyone reading it laughing but Wheeler plans on being a police officer again much like he witnessed Brandon King either 1. Getting his tail beat to the ground by former EC City Council Clerk Tracy Udrija-Peters  or  2. Is a complete liar who has the nerve to try and make grown ups act like the child he appears to be with these 1984 rules.