Two More Recalls to Complete Christmas List

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Our phone lines here at #44112News were ringing off the hook as the news of former Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and Former EC City Council President Thomas Wheeler’s recall election being complete and the first two getting fired. It was a group effort as recall sponsors Devin Branch and Pecolia Standberry talked to us about their combined effort to recall Gary Norton Jr. and Thomas Wheeler received support from residents. With some wards voting to keep Norton and Wheeler others stood up to the corruptionRead More

Sheriff Clifford Pinkney employee says “We are not going to help” 5:05 AM 12/06/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Cuyahoga County Sheriff Office dispatcher states that his office will not intervene should any problems happen with East Cleveland Ohio Police Force and Safety Directory Mayor Gary Norton Jr. Residents are worried that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. will use HIS police force to harass them at the polls much like the incident with Devin Branch where a dropped clipboard turned into a Felony Abuse Charge by Norton.   An early morning call to an unknown Sheriff Office Dispatch Officer – 5:05 AM 12/06/2016 Sheriff Clifford Pinkney Read More

Story and Photos by: Marvetta Rutherford is “The Fixer” in EC Recall Day 12/06/2016

Photos and Story (In her own words) Marvetta Rutherford who in the activism field is considered to be a “Fixer” or someone called upon to help when things are going extremely wrong.  She has come back to her town of East Cleveland to help with the recall of Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Thomas Wheeler.  And now this is her story with a sneak peak into another documentary she has been a major part of bringing out. Marvetta Rutherford  I have spent the last few days inRead More

Hillary Clinton and Gary Norton two peas in a pod – By Gerald Silvera

Hillary Clinton and Gary Norton two peas in a pod by Gerald Silvera (In His Own Words) On Tuesday December 6, 2016, the residents of East Cleveland are going to vote on whether to recall Mayor Gary Norton and Council President Thomas Wheeler. The primary reason for this recall effort is the criminal conduct of both men in their “public capacity” to facilitate the annexation of the City of East Cleveland with the City of Cleveland. Both men have violated their Oath of Office to defend the laws the CityRead More


PLEASE DON’T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN ! – Ladies visiting East Cleveland City Hall will need to bring a roll of Bathroom Tissue because under Mayor Gary Norton Jr. the restroom does not have any tissue for ladies. A similar situation is happening in the men’s room but guys just stand up and do their thing without need for bathroom tissue in most cases. Perhaps some of the Gary Norton supporters will donate some bathroom tissue to the campaign.   Either way Please Don’t Squeeze the Charmin or Dollar Store brandRead More